Understanding Computers & the Internet

This course is all about understanding: understanding what's going on inside your computer when you flip on the switch, why tech support has you constantly rebooting your computer, how everything you do on the Internet can be watched by others, and how your computer can become infected with a worm just by being turned on. Designed for students who use computers and the Internet every day but don't fully understand how it all works, this course fills in the gaps. Through lectures on hardware, software, the Internet, multimedia, security, privacy, website development, programming, and more, this course "takes the hood off" of computers and the Internet so that students understand how it all works and why. Through discussions of current events, students are exposed also to the latest technologies.


  • Our second movie night will be Monday, May 6 at 5:30pm!
  • Problem Set 9 will be due Monday, May 6.
  • A gallery of pset5 submissions can be found here!
  • Information about the final project has been posted! The project will be due Monday, May 13.